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Fire brigade

You save lives, LDL saves the laundry

If you are looking for ways to optimally clean and dry your fire station laundry, you have come to the right place. LDL offers total solutions for cleaning firefighter suits together with the complete personal protection equipment, including the SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus). Our machines can perfectly clean your fireproof suits. The cleaning often has to be quick yet extremely thorough - our solutions provide a perfect answer to this problem. Firefighters are exposed to carcinogenic substances, harmful chemicals and contaminated blood. It is therefore crucially important for the health of your fire brigade, to ensure the appropriate professional cleaning of your equipment.

LDL to the rescue

Firefighter suits cannot be allowed in a dryer, but LDL has the right solution for this as well. A static drying cabinet is specially designed to dry firefighter clothing with the help of an efficient and gentle drying process. The suits are hung up to dry. In the smallest model there is room for six full service kits. The system dries the suits from inside as well as outside. Gloves and boots can also be dried in this cabinet. This allows the corps to quickly go out for rescue operations.

Reflective stripes

Strict guidelines must be complied with when cleaning firefighter suits - clothing must remain waterproof, the reflective stripes must remain visible, and yet the cleaning must be thorough. Improper cleaning may damage the reflective coated stripes. The coating may come off or develop cracks. This will damage the reflective stripes, due to which the clothing will become unusable. It is therefore extremely important to properly clean the clothing. Such damage can be avoided by using a static dryer. The clothing is softened, but also dried within a relatively short time.

Energy saving

Your machine can be equipped with a function (standard feature in certain machines) that monitors residual humidity. This prevents over-drying and ensures lower energy consumption and a longer life of the linen. A gas-operated machine has a much lower energy consumption in comparison to an electrical dryer. We also offer dryers with heat pump technology, which offer you even lower energy consumption.