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As a hairdresser, you are known for your best care, which includes fresh, soft towels. You often use several towels per customer. Towels are often difficult to dry - they take a long time to dry and are often not as soft as might be preferred. Good quality linen is often expensive. LDL offers you a solution that quickly and easily washes and dries your linen. The linen remains soft and will last longer. In addition to a washing machine, you often need a drying solution. Our dryers can produce perfectly dry and soft towels in no time. Your linen will also have a longer life. In addition, your towels are also ready for use in no time.

Why choose LDL?

A semi-industrial dryer also offers several advantages over a household dryer. There is a sharp reduction in the drying cycle time. Much attention has also been paid to the ergonomics of the user. The large door opening ensures that the linen can be easily loaded and unloaded from the drum. You can ensure optimal care of your linen by using a combination of a washing machine and the right washing products.

Energy saving

Your machine can be equipped with a function (standard feature in certain machines) that monitors residual humidity. This prevents over-drying and ensures lower energy consumption and a longer life of the linen. A gas-operated machine has a much lower energy consumption in comparison to an electrical dryer. We also offer dryers with heat pump technology, which offer you even lower energy consumption.