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Stress-free laundry

You create an atmosphere of peace and harmony where your customer can fully relax. This of course includes soft towels and bathrobes. Since each customer may require several towels, you will probably also have a lot of laundry on your hands. If you want to wash your towels and robes quickly and easily, you also need a drying solution. Our dryers can easily dry heavy linen such as towels and bathrobes. We help you choose the right capacity according to your needs.

An industrial machine?

A semi-industrial dryer also offers several advantages over a household dryer. There is a sharp reduction in the drying cycle time. Much attention has also been paid to the ergonomics of the user. The large door opening ensures that the linen can be easily loaded and unloaded from the drum.

Energy saving

Your machine can be equipped with a function (standard feature in certain machines) that monitors residual humidity. This prevents over-drying and ensures lower energy consumption and a longer life of the linen. A gas-operated machine has a much lower energy consumption in comparison to an electrical dryer. We also offer dryers with heat pump technology, which offer you even lower energy consumption.