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Do you like to pamper your customers?

As a hairdresser, you are known for your best care, which includes fresh, soft towels. You often use several towels per customer. Towels are often difficult to wash since they absorb a lot of water, are heavy in the drum, and after washing, they are often not as soft as you might like. Good quality linen is often expensive. LDL has the solution with which you can easily and quickly wash your linen. The linen remains soft and will last longer.

The right washing machines for your requirements

You may have selected your household machine with the best care, but all too often, it would be unable to handle your laundry. A professional or industrial washing machine offers many advantages over a household washing machine. A semi-industrial machine can easily wash large quantities of laundry and the higher spin speed ensures lower post-washing residual humidity in the laundry. This also reduces drying time. The machine also has a much longer service life than the household version, sometimes up to seven times longer. The same washing cycle programme in a professional machine will also be shorter than in a household machine. Professional washing equipment from LDL will drastically reduce the time you spend on your laundry.

Hair where you don't want it

As a hairdresser, you've been working on hair the whole day. You may however not be aware that hair and soap residues can clog the drain of your washing machine. Of course you want to ensure that you can continue to wash towels. A semi-industrial washing machine is available with a drain valve instead of a drain pump. This will prevent clogging of the drain, so you can continue washing with peace of mind.

The right solution

Combine a washing machine with a dryer, so you have perfectly clean, dry towels in no time. Your customers will enjoy those soft towels on their necks. You can ensure optimal care of the linen by using a combination of a drying cabinet and appropriate washing products.

You will also reduce energy consumption

The machines we offer have energy-saving functions. Among other things, we have a function that weighs the laundry and adjusts the amount of water accordingly. This technology guarantees you excellent washing results, lower energy consumption, while optimising productivity and minimising operating costs. A lower water bill - and yet clean laundry.